There is really no difference between how I do business and how I do yoga. Just like my yoga practice, I also visualise and meditate on my business. By envisioning my goals for the business, I can ensure that the decisions I’m making align with the higher vision.

While you may think that driving a successful business is at odds with the yoga philosophies of gentleness and peacefulness, I believe it is the opposite. I have found the greatest joy in running my business is how I can incorporate the teachings and wisdom of yoga. Not only do I find business success and growth, but I share the journey with so many others who are also finding growth and success on and off the mat.

Manifesting a yoga studio

The story of Zenko Yoga is very much a story of manifesting. For years, I had travelled from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast for holidays. I fell in love with the beaches, the people and the region. I soon realised I wanted to shift my business to this beautiful location, and most importantly, I wanted to connect with as many like-minded yogis and business owners as possible. I sold the yoga studios in Melbourne and picked up the family to move to the Sunshine Coast. It wasn’t long before a site became available in Buddina. As soon as I walked into the space I knew it was perfect. It was exactly the space I had envisioned. It was snug, nurturing and warm — exactly the space I needed to nurture my small yoga business into something bigger and stronger. I opened the studio and Zenko Yoga slowly began to grow. Two and a half years later, I walked into a beautiful light-filled space in Noosa and I knew immediately this was Zenko’s next space. Again, it was exactly what I had envisioned. A beautiful top-floor space overlooking gardens and gum trees, it seemed perfectly in tune with the vibrancy of the business at that time.

Looking out for others

For me, one of the most important aspects of starting Zenko Yoga was making friends and networking with other business owners who aligned with my personal beliefs and ambitions. When I moved to the Sunshine Coast, I knew very few people and my intention was to make as many connections as possible. Now I have done this and my cup is full with amazing people, I can now provide a space for others to find their connections. I love seeing how the Zenko studios have become a place for others who are new to the area to come and meet new friends. Think about it, when you move to a new area, one of the first places you will go to meet others is a gym, a community centre or the yoga studio!

The studios have become much more than bending and stretching. We have created a community of family and friends. And this has all happened because it was built on the foundation of yogic philosophy. I have always believed in staying open to what comes my way and trusting my intuition when it is time to make business decisions. I have a strong sense of what I want to achieve for myself and others. It becomes much easier to make business decisions when you can easily weigh it up against how it aligns with your higher vision.

The Power of the Vision Board

For a vision to manifest, you have to believe in it fully and be able to see it clearly. I visualise and meditate on the key aspects of the business every day. I journal, draw and create vision boards. A vision board is a powerful way to put those big ideas, dreams and goals out there. I swear by it! Thanks to my vision boarding, I can see the next yoga studios and I have planned them out in my mind. So, when I walk into a potential new space, I can feel straight away whether it’s a yes or a no.


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