Who doesn’t love flipping into ‘Wild Thing’ when you’re in a yoga class?!

In Sanskrit, Wild Thing is called Camatkara, which means surprise or miracle. The pose also can be translated as “the ecstatic unfolding of the heart.” As a backbend, this pose taps into the heart chakra which in turn, stimulates and represents universal love, peace, acceptance and confidence. When we live from the heart, we live courageously and fearlessly, we open up to what is real and true and follow the path that our heart feels aligned with.

Wild Thing asks us to take a leap of faith, to overcome fear and to truly open up. It is a pose that speaks of freedom and opportunity as we lean into the unknown and feel truly alive.

There are several ways to get into this beautiful pose. You can begin from the floor, from side plank, or from downward facing dog. You can try Wild Thing from all of these starting points in my online class here.

Wild Thing is a back bend and heart opener, and yet it also incorporates balance, is a great core strengthener and is also a hip opener. It has a number of great benefits for the body and stretches shoulders, chest, throat and the front of your legs. It also strengthens arms, shoulders and upper back. It is an invigorating pose, and like all back bends, it can induce feelings of great joy and expansion.

A beautiful modification to Wild Thing is to raise one hand to your heart to experience the full expression of the pose. Try pushing your heart into the palm of your hand and feel your body open even more in this pose. I demonstrate this in the class if you wish to join me!

Get ready to open up to more joy and love in your life with Camatkarasana!

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