Listen to the Whisper

“How do you make time to practise?”

I was asked this question in a social media post recently.  It’s a question that comes up often.  As with anything you want to do, but struggle to find the time/discipline/motivation to actually do it, the question is not “how”, but “WHY?”.

Creating the time for my practice is a non-negotiable for me, because this is where I get all my answers.  It’s in the quiet of my practice that I find my clarity.

You will have your own reasons to make your practice a priority, but if you’re a bit lost on your “why”, consider the magic of going inwards and listening to the whisper of your soul as your starting point.

There’s not a lot we can do about the external noise.  Other people’s drama, judgement, the unfortunate atrocities of the world, the stuff that continues to barrage us because this is life.  But we can control the internal noise.  The noise of our own thoughts.  We can control the way we receive and respond to the external.

Delving into our practice is one of the best ways to find our inner quiet.

You’ll notice that your judgements come up on the mat.  In a forward fold, you may start judging your hamstrings.  Why aren’t they as long and supple as they were last week?  In life, you may start judging just about anything that doesn’t look perfect to you.

In order to renew ourselves and embody the energy of our brightest version of ourselves, it’s important to release this judgement.  Make the observation, then leave the judgement behind as you quiet your mind and listen to the truth of your soul.

In releasing the “noise” we release old, stagnant ways that no longer serve us.  In releasing the judgement, we gracefully accept what is in this present moment in time.  Then we are on the path to living our purpose.  It’s so incredibly peaceful when there’s not a single concern about other’s thoughts and judgements of you.  You become so still and connected when you can leave behind your judgement of self and others.

And in this stillness, you will find your answers.  Your clarity.  Your path.  Your purpose.

In this quiet, on the mat, in the shower, in meditation, answers and ideas will come to you.  These are the speakings of your true and highest self.  In this quiet, you can hold the vision of your happiest future self.

Then you can start to take action on the ideas and answers that your spirit is guiding you towards, step by step moving your way ever and always towards joy.

To experience the beauty of your own soul’s whisper, let me guide you through a gentle flow in the A Live Yogi library – All That is Quiet.

LV xx